• How To Tie Your Belt

    One of the most asked questions we get is, "how do I tie my belt?" Now there are many ways to tie your belt but Sensei Chris goes over a simple variation that's referred to as a "super hold!"
  • Why We Teach Our Kids To Be Professional

    Why is it important to carry one's self like a professional? Sensei Chris talks with the kids in our Leadership Program about why they should carry themselves like professionals.
  • Why Do You Do Jiu Jitsu?

    One of our students shares why she started her jiu jitsu journey.
  • Uniform Standards

    Sensei Christopher talks about the importance of having a uniform while reviewing the uniform standards with our kids program.
  • Our Children’s Oath

    Our school focuses on developing leaders through quality Jiu-Jitsu classes teaching them leadership qualities. We want our students to live by the values taught in our children's oath. "I intend to be gentle, respectful, and a good listener. I will always give my best to develop my self-discipline and to have the courage to do what is right and truthful. I am aware that by learning the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu my mind and body are being empowered, but I promise not to be abusive nor offensive to others and always pursue friendship."
  • Being a Warrior Kid

    Sensei Chris Hargett rewards a student who has been a great example of toughness and discipline with Navy Seal Jocko Willink's kids book "Way of the Warrior Kid".
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